Hi from S+S the Super Stars !

Hi it’s the super stars from Bantaskin Primary. We’ve just finished doing Scottish Opera, there was the French (that’s us)  the Scots (7B)  and the Crew (6K+B).Stacey the Super says  ” I Think is was sooooooooo good,” Sandie the Star says “I think it was soooooooooo fandabadozy.”

We’ve just started doing Blogging it’s quite difficult to remember where everything is. Also we’ve just started talking about High School. I’m Stacey the Super, i’m going to miss Sandie the Star because i’m going to ST. Mungo’s and Sandie is going to Falkirk High. I’m Sandie the Star and i’m going to be sooooooooooo sad when she goes to ST Mungo’s.

 Sooooo tune in for next time with S+S the Super stars.

Hi From Us!!!!!

Hello from all of us we will tell you about our hobbies.

Andrew – Football and Running – James – Xtreme Carting – Aaron – Singing – The Other Andrew – Swimming We Are All Or Nearly Twelve and are all in the same class at School and great Friends!

We All Like Different Music And Movies.

And Last But Not Least We Are Scottish.

Look A PSP! (+[_]::)   Hi Its Me <(-_-)> 

Bye Again!!!!!

Hiya it’s Carra and Zoe Bffs

Hiya everybody its Carra and Zoe/best friends forever and we’ve been getting up 2 alot of stuff inside school and outside school.So keep on reading to find out more.Lately in school we,ve done our 7up challange, what we did  was ….. a …..FRENCH CAFE OOO LA LA. We did it for charity. It was great fun but at the end of it we were exsuasted.ZzzzZzzz. Well see ya l8ter

Awryt fi Ellis and Scott

Top of the mornin fi Ellis and awryt fi Scott. We r fi Falkirk in Scotland and we go 2 Bantaskin Primary School. We are 11 and our hobbies r football, wrestlin, mukin aboot wi m8s and fav football teams r Rangers and Scotland.                                                      <(-_-)> <(*_*)> <($_$)>  (+[_]::)

the three amigos!

The three amigos   say hi.(the three amigos are Emily,Christine and Ashleigh!)

 The three amigos are in primary 7, Bantaskin Primary School pupils. Emily is going to be 12 on the 11th of February. Christine is going to be 12 on the 11th of January. And Ashleigh is also going to be 12 on the 31st of December.

The three amigos are only learning how to use edublogs .So please wait patiently  and we will give you some great information about us and the rest of Bantaskin.

Until next time




<( *~*)>

         ^   i’m confused!.com


Hezz n Emzz say heyya.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.

heyaa im Emma,,im 11 n from bantaskin…  Ma best mate is heather, we’ve been mates for ages n all that we hang about together like all the time in and out of school she like so awsome  n always there for meh!! she’s too cool for school baybee.x luvs yoo.byee!     over too u now heatherxx

Hiya im Heather am 11  and also go 2 Bantaskin me and emma have been best mates for 4 years. Emma is always there 4 meh and is a great friend. She Rox ma sox Baybee Bubi xxx Luv heather

Deanna & Ailsa !

Heyy x its Deanna & Ailsa x ! We’re ttbfll ( totally true best friends for life ! ) We’ve been best friends for 4 years. We are 11 years old. Ailsa has a dog called Cleo and Deanna has 3 cats called Jaffa, Mini-me Donkey and a dog called Bonnie. When Deanna is older she wants to work for the SSPCA and Ailsa wants to be an actress. We hope we will stay best friends when we go to high school because we are going to different ones. TTBFFL !! =]